Solving Your Challenges by Cambridge Associates Asia Singapore

Fres Dersky 4 years ago 0

How do we build a diversified portfolio with limited time and resources?

The rewards of intelligent portfolio diversification are considerable, but diversified portfolios simply cost more to manage effectively both in time and resources. We know your investment staff and committee is dedicated to your organization’s success. But often these ambitions are accompanied by unrealistic expectations about the ability to first implement and then to oversee a complex, multi-manager asset allocation structure.

You may need deeper resources and experience to govern effectively, establish and review your investment policies, successfully implement your plan and then evaluate your results in terms of both risk and return. That’s when it becomes attractive—and potentially cost effective—to outsource.

Outsourcing your investment office can be a source of complementary expertise and advice or a fully delegated solution for your organization. We serve as the outsourced investment office for 25 institutions representing approximately $8B in assets under management. Some of them have a CIO, some do not. Some have historically involved their finance team in the oversight and management of the endowment or pension. What should you expect of us? You should feel like you have a professional in-house investment office at your service.