Cambridge Associates: How can we align our social values with our investing strategy?

Ohnicio Kalb 4 years ago 0

Whether you’re a charitable foundation looking to have a direct impact on community programs or a family eager to make investments that align with your personal priorities, you need to consider a few things. How will you define success? What impact will these investments have on the overall risk/return profile of your portfolio? How can you measure the non-financial accomplishments of these investments? Will there be additional resources or Committee time to address MRI-related issues?

Our MRI team of 25 professionals provides research and services that encompass a broad range of strategies, such as positive and negative portfolio screening, microfinance, clean energy and technology, community investments, real assets, bespoke and illiquid impact investments, and program-related investments. And our databases track more than 450 funds that meet various MRI criteria.

We’re spearheading MRI manager due diligence and analysis, creating an infrastructure for the inclusion of MRI managers in our proprietary databases, and publishing research on a variety of MRI topics. Whether you are debating the topic for the first time or you have already adopted a commitment to MRI, we can help you navigate the many policy questions and investment decisions you need to make.