To Prospective Applicants

Yair Wood 5 years ago 0

Established in 1957, our company has been in business for more than 50 years. Our business is to provide technologies and services for infrastructure construction in the phases of surveying, planning, design, maintenance, management and operation. In Japan, we are a leading technology holder, particularly in the fields of bridges, roads and transport. Recently, we have been working to expand our business domains. For instance, we now engage in overall management of state-run parks. Overseas, we engage in a wide variety of areas such as the development of master plans for the entire county, national project management for international airports, seaports and railways, tourism development, environmental and energy development, medical care, and education.

In marking our 50th anniversary, we drew up a business plan titled I-Plan. I-Plan stipulates that our mission is to offer comprehensive intellectual services to realize secure and abundant lives for people around the world. It also specifies the stance of seeking employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and social contribution as the highest priority values that we emphasize for fulfilling the mission. We consider the importance of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and social contribution. We also believe that enthusiasm and purposefulness are defined as driving forces that make us that type of company.

We wish to develop a company that fulfills this corporate philosophy. The company we aspire to be has three dimensions. The first is to be a company that allows its employees to feel a sense of pride. We are proud of our services that are extremely important in increasing local security and reassurance and in building a foundation for vitality. We therefore wish to maximize our service domains and service coverage area. The second is to be a company where employees can enjoy a feeling of accomplishment through performing their duties. We therefore focus on human resource development to maximize the abilities of staff and the organization. And the third is to be a company where employees are energetic. We will therefore improve the environment and system for working.

External circumstances today are changing dramatically. Seeing this as an opportunity, we will be united to boldly confront the challenges we face. We hope that those with the following attributes will join us to actively take up these challenges. The first attribute is leadership. We want our staff to think and act proactively, not take a passive attitude. The second is teamwork. We want our staff to communicate effectively and work together with others. The third is persistence. We want our staff to be persistent in pursuing their challenges, until they reach their goal. We look forward to your pursuing employment with us.

Hidenori NOZAKI

President and Representative Director

Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.