Wallace Associates Inc. Review: Qualities of the Creative Entrepreneur

Shala Coble 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 0

Wallace Associates Inc. understands the role of the entrepreneur as an innovative force in the economic and social sense. Many of the changes in the manufacturing and retailing industry have been products of entrepreneurs who dared to challenge conventional thinking and introduced productive and efficient approaches to doing things. Fastfoods chains, malls and BPO’s are just some of the innovations entrepreneurs came up with in the contemporary setting, not to mention many other products and services that have served to make modern life what it is today.

What qualities of entrepreneurs can we emulate which we can productively apply in the corporate world or even in ordinary living?

Here are a few:

1. Resourcefulness – One does not need to be wealthy or well-connected in order to become resourceful. The ability to find opportunities in every situation is a talent that arises from being curious about life and things, in general. Understanding how people, things and situations interact with each other in a dynamic way allows the entrepreneur to picture novel ways of improving work efficiency and reducing costs and resources. It takes a mind that can see the forest as well as the trees for what they really are and what they can become – a simple forest as well as a sanctuary for animals and for people who seek beauty, solace and rest.

2. Inventiveness – Imagination lays a vital role in the entrepreneur’s life. No limits are placed upon the possibilities available to the mind that can see with the eyes of a child. Walt Disney brought about a revolution in the animation and entertainment industry with his penchant for playfulness and adventure. We can almost say that entrepreneurs are only into the act because they enjoy doing things more than their desire to make money. Work without play can be disastrous; a lot of play in work can bring about huge rewards.

3. Courage – All of the above would not be attractive to the entrepreneur or the would-be-entrepreneur if one did not have the courage to face all dangers and criticisms besetting those who wish to follow their innocent and sincere passions and ambitions to make a difference in the boring world that they see and live in. Thomas Edison was probably motivated more by his morbid desire to succeed at every new daunting challenge he faced than the rewards he hoped to gain. How else will you describe a person who persevered by doing a thousand tries just so he could do it right after that?

Wallace Associates Inc. does more than try or innovate in its task of seeking the right people for the right job. Like any other entrepreneur, the company makes things happen the way they should happen in order to benefit everyone.