Affordable Shoulder Surgery Options in Fountain Valley by Dr Howard Marans

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Dr. Howard J. Marans is an orthopedic surgeon who along with other practitioners has maintained an exemplary practice for more than 20 years. Their mission is to treat all patients in a professional and timely manner. Best results depend on precise diagnosis, a full elucidation of the therapeutic options and expectations and, finally, an accurate implementation of the selected method, whether surgical or non-surgical. All these are goals which Dr. Howard has excelled in achieving, owing to his level of expertise and training to become the best one-stop place for affordable shoulder surgery options in Fountain Valley and throughout the nation.

Over the past nineteen years, he has also provided voluntary services to several institutions and his coverage has ranged from high schools to colleges. Dr. Howard J. Marans provides treatment for various kinds of situations. Whether his patients are looking to get back to soft ball league action or make a return to the school team, he diligently attends to them by using state-of-the art surgical equipment based on well-established orthopedic principles. As a practitioner who prides himself in being one of the leading orthopedic professionals, Dr. Marans considers each patient unique. He does this by getting to familiarize himself with them in a fact finding exploration that seeks to gather insights and information that he can use in identifying the most appropriate course of treatment for his patients. Some of the areas that he may tend to focus on include:

Shoulder: The shoulder possesses the widest variety of motions in comparison with other joints in the human body. This puts it at a disadvantage on the basis that it is the least stable joint. One of the main options for the shoulder offered by Dr. Marans is surgery due to injury to or caused by:

Instability: Usually, instability to the shoulder can be treated non-surgically. However, there are situations that do arise where treatment is essential, such as in the case of multiple shoulder dislocations.

Rotator cuff tears: In the case of such injuries, patients can only reduce but not eliminate their probability for occurring. Severe injuries require surgery and extrem ones may inhibit the chances of any future athletic endeavors.

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Most of the shoulder injuries that may require surgery are usually done using shoulder arthroscopy which involves the insertion of a small camera into the joint. In most cases, patients return home the same day.

Arms: Arm injuries are usually concentrated around the forearm, arm, or elbow. If any of these parts are injured, one common symptom that can occur is pain. Arm injuries can be classified into:

Tennis Elbow: As the name suggest, this injury usually affects tennis players. It may also be common among other athletes who frequently use their elbows for instance grapplers and power lifters. It usually occurs as a result of over exertion of the muscles in the forearm and it usually takes a while to develop. It can be treated non-surgically.

Fractures: Fractures to the bones can occur at numerous points in the arm. While minor fractures may only require casting, major ones may require some form of surgery so as to set the bone

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Howard J. Marans, MD welcomes new patients and tries to make their payment procedures as easy as possible. In conjunction with other practitioners, they accept various medical insurance plans and payment options. For instance, they treat members of most PPO plans and will even go as far as treating members of PPO plans that they are not affiliated with. Please click www.ocorthopedic.com for affordable shoulder surgery options or call us at 714.979.8981