California's Best Surgeon for Severe Fractures by Dr Howard Marans MD

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Whether you are an athlete, or experienced an injury from a fall, fractures can have a serious impact on your quality of life. If you ever experience this kind of injury, you should have access to the best medical treatment. It is recommended to keep a contact list of doctors that you should go to for different types of situations, and the best surgeon for severe fractures you can possibly see in the Orange county area of California is Dr. Howard Marans.

Proper Treatment and Recovery

When dealing with an injury such as a fracture, it is important to do everything in the right way because it will determine the outcome of your recovery. A mistake by a surgeon can cause a loss in range of motion, your bones to heal in the wrong position, the death of muscle tissue, or permanent disability. These are just a few reasons why choosing the best surgeon for severe fractures is important. If you don’t have the best surgeons on call when a fracture first occurs, you may lose critical time in your recovery process.

A good surgeon will provide you with the right procedure to keep swelling down because we know the swelling can be more dangerous than the fracture itself. For example, when there is swelling around the fracture, a patient may experience a condition called compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome occurs when the swelling blocks off the blood supply to muscles around the fracture due to increased pressure. This reduced blood supply to the muscles causes the tissue to die, and leads to permanent disabilities in the future.

Reduce Complications

The nature of a fracture allows room for many different problems to occur. Having an inexperienced or uncaring doctor on your side will increase the chance for complications. This is why it is normally recommended by general practitioners, and people with experience, to only maintain a relationship with the best surgeon for severe fractures that you can find. A great fracture surgeon will know exactly what to do in order to avoid neurovascular injuries, infections, post-traumatic arthritis, growth abnormalities, delayed unions of the bone, nonunion, and malunion. Although these problems do not occur often, they are a risk factor that can be increased when you choose the wrong surgeon to work with.

Don’t Wait

You shouldn’t have to make important decisions in a time of crisis, so we recommend that you do some research in advance, and be prepared for different situations. Contact our office to learn more about how we help patients avoid complications. You should always have the number and contact information of the best surgeon for severe fractures on hand because it can mean the difference between a perfect recovery and a problematic one.

California’s Best Surgeon for Severe Fractures

Fractures can happen to anyone for a variety of unexpected reasons, but this injury should not affect your life past the recovery process. Dr. Marans makes sure that every patient recovers fully and quickly.