What Will Surgery for a Torn MCL Cost? by Dr Howard Marans MD

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Surgery For A Torn MCL

In general, a knee injury creates pain and reduces range of movement. Each knee injury is different based on the person’s health, degree of damage, and various other factors. Receiving an accurate diagnosis from an orthopedic surgeon will help determine if surgery for a torn MCL is necessary.

The out of pocket costs may be difficult to estimate. Each individual will have different aspects to consider that will affect the final payment. The amount of health insurance coverage is the major contributor in the treatment program costs.

What is a Torn MCL?

An injury due to bending or changing directions can create a rip or tear in the medial collateral ligament or MCL. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee; connecting the thigh bone and the lower leg together. When the knee is injured, the MCL can rip or tear creating a need for treatment. Depending on the degree of injury, each treatment option will have specific costs.

Non-Surgical Treatment Methods

The less expensive and least invasive treatment for a torn MCL is the non-surgical approach. In some cases, the non-surgical methods are all that is needed to heal.

  • Protect the injured area by using a brace or other support agent to help keep the knee from moving. Continually moving the knee will create further damage and lengthen the recovery time.
  • Use a set of crutches to help keep weight off from the injured knee.
  • Apply ice to the area to help reduce any swelling and pain. Unless directed otherwise by a health care professional, the ice can be placed on the knee for a length of 15 minutes every three hours.
  • Apply compression to help reduce swelling through the use of an elastic bandage.
  • Elevation of the knee area can help reduce swelling and allow for fluid to drain properly.
  • Physical therapy or exercises may be prescribed as a way to restore strength back to the knee area.

Surgery for a Torn MCL

After receiving an accurate diagnosis, surgery for a torn MCL may be the only option. If the MCL is torn completely, surgery is the only way to repair the painful damage. The cost of surgery for a torn MCL is determined by different variables.

  • Health care coverage is the primary variable in determining costs. Deductibles and co-pays are usually the out of pocket costs for a patient with significant coverage. Each health insurance policy is different; checking with the provider will help in estimating a total. A person with no coverage can pay over $20,000 for surgery for a torn MCL.
  • Degree of injury is another factor in costs. The higher amount of damage will usually raise the amounts of co-pays, deductibles or percentage of coverage.
  • The surgeon is out of the health care network. Everyone wants the best possible care when dealing with a long lasting injury that can affect the overall stability of the knee.

Torn MCL Surgery Costs

The costs for surgery for a torn MCL may seem high. However, finding the best treatment for the injury is vital for returning to a healthy lifestyle. An experienced surgeon, Dr. Howard Marans will accept PPO and will work with other insurance develop a treatment program without creating financial hardship for the patient. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.