Best Reviewed Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center by Howard Marans MD

MacAndrew Inman 5 years ago 0

Patient satisfaction is the reason why the office of Dr. Howard Marans is the best reviewed Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center. Dr. Marans and his staff are highly qualified compassionate professionals dedicated to treating all patients with respect and dignity, while provided the best orthopedic care.

Top Fountatin Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center

Dr. Marans has spent over 20 years dedicating his life to improving the orthopedic health of his patients. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with bone and soft tissue injuries. He carefully reviews each case and thoughtfully addresses the patient and their family members about possible treatment options. Patients never feel pressured but remain well informed about their conditions. Every patient’s questions are addressed cheerfully and honestly.

The individualized attention to each and every patient is the foremost reason why this practice is the best reviewed Fountain Valley orthopedic surgery center.

Hand and wrist care is one of Dr. Marans several specialties. This includes hand and finger fractures. Finger and wrist fractures can be very serious, and if not treated quickly, could result in loss of use of appendage or worse. The wrist and hand contain many bones with an intricate system of soft tissues that enable complex activities, such as writing and tool use.

Two common conditions that are treated are carpal and ulnar tunnel syndromes. These conditions are caused by overuse of the wrist or elbow or when those joints are pressed into one particular position for extended periods of time. Osteoarthritis is very common, especially for those who are very active in older populations. Dr. Marans treats arthritis of the hands and wrists and makes every attempt to keep the patient functioning at their desired levels with little or no pain.

Upper extremity care – arm and shoulder – are also common problem areas. Sports can play a major role in arm, elbow, and shoulder injuries. Sports medicine in orthopedic treatment is a common and necessary specialty. Often surgery is not indicated for most injuries of this type.

When surgery is indicated, providing the best care and surgical outcomes is another reason why this practice is the best reviewed Fountain Valley orthopedic surgery center in southern California.

Lingering pain in the wrist elbow may need surgical intervention to reduce pressure. Sometimes the pain can radiate down the arm and cause rather severe discomfort in some patients with ulnar or carpal tunnel syndromes. Many conditions of this type can be treated with rest, splinting, and anti-inflammatory medications.

Shoulder injuries, such as displaced joints or rotator cuff injuries can occur in more frequently in athletes. Bursitis, common in shoulder joints, is a painful inflammatory condition that causes pain in the sacs of fluid around the joint, known as bursa, making it difficult to lift the affected shoulder outward.

Foot, ankle, and knee injuries are lower extremity conditions that Dr. Marans treats. Sports injuries are the most common problems involving the lower extremities. Ankle and knee twisting are typical in several types of sporting activities, such as soccer, football, and baseball. Most sprains involve soft tissue and treatment consists of rest. Some knee injuries require surgical repair of ligaments. Most can be done arthroscopically, which reduces down time and recovery. An arthrocope is a small camera to view the damaged joint during surgery.

Providing the best orthopedic and sports injury care is just another reason why Dr. Marans’ surgery center is the best reviewed Fountain Valley orthopedic surgery center.