OUR SERVICES at MWI Consultants in Singapore, Asset Management, Portfolio Management

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Investment Banking Services

We have a corresponding solution for any need you may have. Our Account Managers can either manage your portfolio for you or you may opt to manage it directly yourself; hence, you have various options on how you want to manage your investment portfolio.


In case you want to make your own investment decisions and trade actively but do not have the resources and time to do so, our Advisory Services will be your representative.

Our Advisory Services will obtain for you the best options in a dynamic financial market, while directing the investment process yourself. Our counselors will offer expert insight and suggestions, regularly assisting you with interactive advice that constantly takes into account your risk limitations.

MWI Consultants offers these benefits of our Advisory Services

  1. Innovative investment concepts and expert recommendations
  2. Direct access to our specialists and a dedicated dealer for personalized assistance
  3. Superior execution capabilities
  4. Active trading support
  5. Access to a long list of brokers
  6. A wide selection of securities
  7. Competitive pricing


Our Discretionary Portfolio Management service provides you a team of expert portfolio managers to whom you can confidently entrust your investment decisions. Having a mix of eight discretionary portfolios customized over a broad range of client risk­levels allows us to efficiently manage the portfolios to seize bright opportunities and minimize risks on your behalf.

Benefits of Discretionary Services

  1. A team­approach for efficient performance
  2. Robust risk management using diversified risk sources
  3. Security selection based on research
  4. Consistent risk monitoring
  5. An excellent track­record. Our returns have consistently exceeded our portfolio benchmarks over a rolling five year period.
  6. Investment limits applied across asset classes, country and industry exposure
  7. Quality Research and Broad Product Selection

Both these services deliver to you great advantages of the full benefits of ourextensive research and well­informed advisory while accessing our variety of product options.